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Logan: I have for just the double bladed replacements, not this big all inclusive one (1.2)

Phildevil: mmmm..I really don't know because I live in a bubble.
At the moment i am running a bunch of texture stuff like enhanced lightning, narshadaa sky box, bao-dur's jedi robes(always), atris' jocasta nu texture,
...stuff like that. Kreia's robes1.1, visasblackrobe, ..all of which are fine.
I know that Insidious' Qu Rahn saber works with mine...
Anything major like, complete overhauls I don't know, so I suppose i should start testing stuff..huh?
Where should I start?

I now know that Darth Deadman's Master Robes reskins DO conflict with my mod, ( can't believe I've just now seen these, they look amazing) because of the new models, this is being dealt with now.

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