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So, correct me if I'm wrong: The radiation from these devices even within "acceptable limits" is only figured to account for people who won't be exposed to it on a constant basis? This is essentially one side of what people are complaining about--and who could blame them as it is a rather valid concern. It's an exposure to wavelengths that for its intended purpose irradiates target objects (for capturing). However the exposure has a certain physical effects and it's the effect is cumulative (As opposed to leaving chemicals or pellets or somesuch)?

You're an X-Ray tech eh? Bet that job isn't too bad. Had a little interest in it, personally.

On the main point: not going for these scans, the other way you go through it is an enhanced "pat down" that is likened to being groped and fondled in "certain areas" of the body.

I didn't think much of it a few weeks ago with that pilot, but now that I know more about this whole thing, frankly anyone with a lick of dignity and decency should by all means revolt. It's outrageous. IMO it's Government sponsored sexual molestation.

That one guy recorded on the phone "If you touch my junk, I will have you arrested". Really, who can blame him? But of course, he got further scrutinized. Go figure.
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