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"Rav, if I find anything else other than bibi guns, my blaster will speak before you have the chance to scream for help."

"Crystal," Rav said with a cocky grin. Then the hologram went off.


"Effort is one thing. But it also takes drive and motivation. If you do not have to will to do what is necessary then you will fail, and you will die." Isaac said to her in a cold serious tone "Sethos stopped being her grandfather the moment he embraced the darkside and killed her. Actions make family, not blood."

After going inside the ship, Lyna stopped, and turned to Isaac. She sighed.

"Guess you're right. Maybe I do need a little more training, huh? But like I said, I'm not like Lyna. I'm sure that the old Lyna had a bright heart and spirit. Me... I'm just a clone trying to find answers. To defeat Sethos is one thing. But finding Cade Skywalker as well... is really important. Somehow, this guy and the old Lyna had a relationship. And since I keep having memories of him the most... I want to find him. To understand what the old Lyna felt about him..."

She went to the cockpit, where Cyan the binjinphant slept at.
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