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Originally Posted by Darth_Calo View Post
but in Knights of the Old Republic the good choices are the canon. players can still do whatever they want. If they made a Mass Effect movie that canonized the baddass choices, it would just be like "oh that's what really happens" and IMHO wouldn't detract one bit from the gameplay. you could still make the story what you want. in some ways it builds that from the start since the canon background is John Shepard, Male Earthborn War Hero Soldier. but I had "beast" shepard, male colonist ruthless adept shepard. it builds in a sense of canonicity, whilst still allowing for an enjoyable experience regardless. IMHO, the movie should canonize all the bad ass choices, but that's just me
I see your point, but still deep down it would suck to have a canonising movie. It just makes my choices seem less valid. But if the storyline of the movie had nothing to do with the games it would be good, the ME universe is definetely rich enough to host quite a few movies not connected to Sheppie.

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