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I agree with your last point. since BioWare owns rights to the universe,they have free license to create whatever stories they want. Like George Lucas when he was starting the Star Wars franchise, they can be creative. I would enjoy a canonising movie, because I myself generally make the same choices each playthrough as far as dialog goes (I always am hardcore renegade but destroy the collector station or save the council...don't know why, I just do. I also always appoint Captain Anderson to be the human representative to the council.) but if they went a different direction, that would be just as good. personally I would really like a movie that chronicled a background of shep, ending with Anderson and Shepard boarding the SSV Normandy to head to Eden Prime.

also, my thoughts on the classes of Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2
in mass effect 1, the "pure" classes (Soldier, engineer, adept) were overpowered in some way. Engineers could tear through Geth with little or no trouble; Adepts could wreck small-medium targets with little or no issue; Soldiers could just wreck with no issue.
the "cross" classes (infiltrator, Vanguard, Sentinel) were a little underpowered. as they didnt excel at either of their skills, they needed back up more so then the "pures"

in mass effect 2, and this is a credit to the folks at bioware, all the classes have a strength, and the introduction of heavy weapons and SMGs added a new wrinkle. Biotic Charge, Tactical Cloak, and Tech Armor made the vanguard, Infiltrator, and Sentinel respectively a lot more deadly. The pure classes' unique talents were either re-used from ME1 (singularity), underwhelming (tech drone), or overpowered (adrenaline rush)

it is my hope that they find a happy medium between the two extremes for ME3. an example would be the warrior, mage, and rogue in Dragon Age: Origins; each is powerful and has useful unique abilities (with the mage being the most distinct of the three) without being rediculous.

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