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Originally Posted by Salzella View Post
I would hate it if they made the renegade choices into a movie. it would not make sense is, as Liara said, they are trying to prove humanity to the rest of the galaxy, to choose a racist, *******, gun-pulling jerk to represent them. Paragon, whilst slightly too do-goodish to be true, is the only real option as far as i can see.

Therein lies the problem. The whole point of Mass Effect is that each player makes their own story - to make a new one to override it would be to cheapen the experience. Screw that. If they must make a movie about Shepard then pick one of the backgrounds, each of the Paragon (Elysium), Neutral (Akuuze) or Renegade (Torfan) would make an equally good film without ruining each fan's experience, to a lesser extent than filming the whole series would, regardless of how they choose which of those three to use.
I totally agree with you. that said, as the council said if renegade shepard saves them, his (or her) "ruthless pursuit of Saren and the Geth proved how strong humanity is". The council thought that humanity was just a bunch of thugs, but Shepard showed they can get stuff done, but are also willing to sacrifice themselves for the greater good. Wiping out the Rachni? yes that might not have been Shepard's choice to make. Killing the colonists protecting the thorian? coldhearted. Not saving the salarians on virmire, letting captain kirrahe die valiantly in battle? ok that one is not that bad. warrior's death. anyone? anyone? not all of the renegade choices are that bad, most are just a matter of attitude--do whatever it takes vs minimize casualties.

I would also vote for one of the backgrounds, perhaps including the origin (earthborn, spacer, colonist) as well as the storyline for the movie--and as I said, I would have it end with shepard walking onto the first Normandy

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