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Thanks for the responses kids. Let you in on a little secret, which is not really a secret if you ever listened to any of our

I had every intention of going I-phone last summer. I switched from Helio to AT&T once my contract expired for several reasons.

1. AT&T was the sole provider of the I-phone at that time.

2. We get a bit of a discount for working at GameStop by using AT&T.

3. AT&T has been the provider of my internet, phone, and TV for quite some time. When there is a problem, I can call an actual person and get it resolved immediately.

4. I used to have Verizon before I had Helio. I had no signal out where I worked, which is where I spend a good chunk of my life. With AT&T I get a full signal always. Not to sound like a commercial, but that stuff is important to me.

So yeah, I have an offer to upgrade my phone. I can get a refurbished 32GB 3GS for about $149.

The only reason I chickened out before, was that the phones were still $200-$300 and the data plans were lofty. Now the prices have come down, and the monthly plan will actually be about $5 less than my current phone. So why the Hell not?

Also, happy to say... Santa will be getting me an I-phone this year!

The only difference I see in the 3GS and 4Gs is resolution, which seems kind of silly on a device that small. Just saying...
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