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2186 CE, one year has passed since the Capture of the Collector Base within the Omega 4 relay. The Black Ops Human Survivalist organisation titled Cerberus has performed extensive study on Collector and Reaper Technology, but yet to discover their full capabilities.

The Citadel Council has completely disregarded and denied the existance of the alien Reapers - an intelligent race of synthetic/organic machines. Since the attack from Sovereign and the Geth three years ago, the theories of Reapers have been reduced down to nothing more than mere beliefs and legends amongst the locals.

To the attention of a freighter crew, a derelict starship has passed through the Omega 4 relay with the iconic Cerberus logo imprinted on the outer shell...

The gigantic red jellyfish grew bigger in the distance, floating amongst the black sea of stars. The station of Omega was a haven for petty criminals, bounty hunters, assassins, mercenaries and other vermin. There was no law. Only Aria T'Loak, and her one rule.

Tom Ulrich glanced at the station from behind the thick shield of glass of the cockpit. It has been some time since him, Captain Tuhrop and the rest of the crew members visited Omega. They dont visit it that often, and for good reason too. But this was an acception;

A few hours ago, the Valkyrie had encountered a derelict ship that had passed through the Omega 4 relay. It was big news at the time, when the SR2 Normandy, a Cerberus Warship, passed in and out of the forbidden relay - and survived. That was a year ago, and since then, more reports of ships passing in and out became the headlines on the Extranet. Nobody else dared to enter the relay however, as rumours and legends of the relay are still whispered throughout the Terminus Systems.

Anyway, it was a few hours ago the Valkyrie encountered a derelict vessel with the imprinted Cerberus logo. The crew decided to investigate, and salvage anything of usage. All personel onboard were killed by unknown means. All that was salvagable was a few weapons, various equipment and a rather peculiar cache of encripted files and data, which was copied via Omni-Tool. The title above read "PROJECT23019~GENESIS"

Captain Qui'in Tuhrop stood up from the co-pilot's seat and watched as the Valkyrie passed through the structures extending out below the asteroid. The intercom began speaking to the pilot.

"GS Valkerie, this is control - you are clear to land in Dock 17."

"Roger that, control." the pilot responded.

Tom walked out of the cockpit and towards his quarters so he gan gather his essentials before landing on Omega.
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