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Originally Posted by Darth_Calo View Post
I totally agree with you. that said, as the council said if renegade shepard saves them, his (or her) "ruthless pursuit of Saren and the Geth proved how strong humanity is". The council thought that humanity was just a bunch of thugs, but Shepard showed they can get stuff done, but are also willing to sacrifice themselves for the greater good. Wiping out the Rachni? yes that might not have been Shepard's choice to make. Killing the colonists protecting the thorian? coldhearted. Not saving the salarians on virmire, letting captain kirrahe die valiantly in battle? ok that one is not that bad. warrior's death. anyone? anyone? not all of the renegade choices are that bad, most are just a matter of attitude--do whatever it takes vs minimize casualties.

I would also vote for one of the backgrounds, perhaps including the origin (earthborn, spacer, colonist) as well as the storyline for the movie--and as I said, I would have it end with shepard walking onto the first Normandy
If they make the movie i doubt itīs going to canonise a total paragon or a total renegade. After all, the gameīs morality is about shades of grey. And as a side note, i did the complete opposite in ME2: I was goodish (i helped the weak and killed all who irritated me(doesnt include zaeed, he never did )) and kept the station. And no one of the party members agreed with that??? Come on, thereīs a freaking hyperrace of nasty murderspaceships coming toward the galaxy, the ends is what matters, not the means

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