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"You should not just limit yourself to being just a clone of a dead person." Isaac said as he lowered his arms and walked towards the co-pilot seat. "In stead make a name for yourself. You can go find answers by defeating Sethos, and talking to Cade Skywalker. But then what? what will you do? You are not a clone, you are now a living breathing human. Your destiny is in your own hands."

Lyna looked down and smiled. "Thanks, Isaac. Ya know, for someone with words of wisdom, you could be like a teacher to me. But I'll definitely keep in mind what you said."

She sat on the pilot seat and contacted Rav. His hologram showed up. "Any location as to where he's at?" Lyna asked him.

"He's located on Zeltros. Looks like he still resides there. Told the lad Midnight would be there too," Rav replied with a grin, referring to Lyna's alias. "I also told my boys to be at the docking bay to load some shipments. When you strike there, he'll surely be there as well."

Lyna nodded. "You have my thanks, Rav." And with, she cut the transmission off. "Grab a seat, Isaac. We're headed for Zeltros." As the young woman punched in the coordinates for Zeltros, Cyan jumped on Lyna's shoulder, ready for an adventure.
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