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Originally Posted by Darth_Calo View Post
I may be reading too much into this but I viewed the potential use of the Collector Station as a threat to humans losing their humanity. I know that sounds odd, but if they are willing to use it to construct their own reaper using mass kidnapping like the collectors, that makes them no better than the collectors in my eyes. I was a complete *******, I went the paragon route in Zaeed's loyalty mission just so I could kill him. virtually every other renegade option (betraying Samara in favor of Morinth, shooting and killing Kolyat's hostage, threatening mouse at gun point, intimidating the shopkeeps to give me a discount, shooting conrad in the foot, among many others...) I took advantage of. But the opportunity to save the collector station gave me pause because as I stated before I thought it would be a form of losing their humanity.

that said, I agree that a movie would not canonize a pure renegade (or paragon) shepard, which would continue the "morally gray" theme of the games. I wish it would canonize the renegade options because they would make for a, in my view, more bad ass action hero film. However I again express my hope that the movie covers one--of the possible backgrounds, selecting earthborn, colonist, or spacer; war hero, sole survivor, or ruthless; and soldier, adept, engineer, infiltrator, sentinel, or vanguard--any combination of these would make a great movie. my ideal timeline for the movie would start with shepard enlisting in the Systems Alliance Military and end with Shepard walking down the gangway to the SSV Normandy for the mission to Eden Prime. so a prequel of sorts to the games.
To quote my favourite "doctor", Humanity is overrated.

I would rather have a movie of Andersons chance to become a spectre, that would be cool, and it wouldnt have any effect on making some choices in the games more valid than the others.

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