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[Wheeee! Just to clarify: the ship has already been searched and stripped, and now the crew etc. are on the way to Omega?]

Thiyan Al'Taru was woken from a light sleep by the short announcement broadcast over the ship comms telling of an imminent arrival at the notorious criminal hide-away and pirate port of Omega. Thiyan considered that its similarity in appearance to an inverse termite mound was no coincidence.

He got ready slowly then walked through to the mess, and sat in his customary corner of the crew section - a true corner, looking out on everyone else, isolated. He checked his omni-tool to see if there were any new messages - more a ritual than in any real hope, as he had received no messages of any real import in some time. Not since the last job he took from Aria T'Loak, pirate queen of Omega. But that was four months ago.

He looked up as the Captain came down from the bridge, and gave him a curt nod. He was tied to this ship for another few journeys yet, but the search of the crippled Cerberus vessel had made him uneasy. There had been strange rumors about Cerberus and the equally enigmatic Omega 4 relay, all of which were unpleasant and unsettling. Anything that shadowy human organisation had its prehensile fingers in was never going to turn out well for the rest of the galaxy...
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