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“Do you ever wonder why we’re here?”

John looked down at the set of female legs protruding from out of the maintenance shaft. When he responded, it was in a thick, southern accent that bore its origins in the North American continent of Earth.


“Really?” came the inquisitive reply. The legs squirmed for a few moments before the asari they were attached to finally pushed herself out of the shaft. She sat up and used a dirty rag to wipe some black smug off her face, though there was no noticeable difference between the two or her black and white jumpsuit. She looked up at him with bright red eyes.

“Yes.” John replied again, slightly shifting his body against the wall he was leaning on. His bulky armor did not make his position the most comfortable of ones, but he’d long learned to ignore the discomfort. His weapons were holstered on his back and waist, and John merely had his arms crossed as he talked to the young asari.

She looked slightly confused. “But wait, you’re a Chr-whatever? The human god-son thing. You’re supposed to be wondering why you’re here.”

“The Bible says that those who believe do not need to wonder.”

“Okay, what about the people who don’t read the Bible and have minds of our own?”

“Then I would suggest reading Pensées or, if you’re more into the opposite of what that says, maybe The God Delusion.”

“So it’s either or to you?”

“Selia, you are asking why we are here. I am telling you that I know why I am here because of my belief in God, not as to whether one exists. Those were reading suggestions.”

“It just seems a bit primitive and short-sighted when we’re out here among the stars.”

“Well, nobody has ever told me that I am an articulate man. As for being short-sighted, I get a good view of quite of few things with this helmet.” John laughed, eyeing her up. Technically, he could have done so without her even knowing. However, it was just as easy to let visible motion guide his head down her body and get a reaction.

The look of shock of Selia’s face as she realized what he was doing and the subsequent rag-to-the-face-camera was what John was looking for. He was prepared when she wound up and threw the rag at his helmet, catching it in his hand before it could dirty up his optical feed.

“You quarian pervert!”

What John was not prepared for was Selia going for her tool box and pulling out the first she could find: a wrench. A sudden thwack to his helmet, followed by him seeing stars solidified this fact. He was recovering when Selai tackled him to the ground.

“A Chr-whatever, yeah right!”

At this point John was laughing heavily, between Selia on top of him delivering weak punches and her poorly worded insults. After a few punches, she stopped. John looked up and she was grinning devilishly, and he could feel his own smile grow wider. Selia’s face leaned closer to John’s and her hands made their way up to the back of his helmet as his went up her back...

“GS Valkerie, this is control - you are clear to land in Dock 17.”

Selia’s smile disappeared, replaced by a frown, and John could feel his undergoing the same change. She got off of him and he stood up, the stance of both of them slightly awkward. John turned to leave, but before he could, Selia grabbed his helmet and gave it a quick kiss before literally diving back into the maintenance shaft. John’s smile returned as he headed toward the mess.

When John entered the mess, he saw Taru in his customary corner and gave a slight nod to the drell before heading into the kitchen to grab a tube of nutrient paste. When the Captain entered the mess, John saw him and said “Good morning Captain! How goes your captainly duties?”
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