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((@Salzella - Yes, the crew just came from salvaging the derelict Cerberus Vessel. Now they are heading to Omega, to sell what they found and discuss with an Information Broker regarding the encripted data.))

Captain Tuhrop was walking down from the bridge to the Crew Quarters, and saw the Drell Thiyan Al'Taru standing in his usual corner, and gave him a curt nod. Tuhrop returned the nod back, before encountering John- the Earth-Grown Quarian.

“Good morning Captain! How goes your captainly duties?”

The captain chuckled. "The same as always. We'll be ariving at Omega in just a few moments." Tuhrop crossed his arms. "I hope you dont mind, but I schedualed a meeting with an Information Broker, regarding the encripted data we found on the derelict Cerberus Vessel. I want you in charge of selling the salvaged equipment we found to the markets, while I deal with the broker."

"Then afterward, you can celebrate a little shore leave before hitting the showers. We both know what Omega is like..."
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