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Of all the places in the world, Omega was Chiron's least favorite. As a doctor, this meant the crew aboard the Valkyrie had a higher chance of being injured. He didn't have a problem with helping others, in fact he liked it. What he doesn't like is not being able to help someone because they've lost too much blood.

This was why the mighty Krogan had been arranging his supplies. With everything in order he left his station for a quick meal. As he rounded a corner, he spotted Tom.

"Tom!" boomed the Krogan's voice as he walked over to Tom. "How are you my friend?" Chiron asked.

To most a derelict ship was something to be feared. To Rogue it was nothing more than a starting point. Rogue had no way to express fear, though Rogue did comprehend it. Without the ability to express fear though, Rogue could move through these hallways with ease.

Rogue was a synthetic, a geth to be more precise and not just any geth. Rogue could function without any other geth, making Rogue unique.

Rogue found a locked door in one of the hallways. Rogue was an exceptional hacker, and within seconds the door was open. A human body fell at Rogue, who caught the body. Rogue checked the room for any signs of life, just in case there was something in here. After finding nothing, Rogue lowered the pulse rifle it had and stared at the body.

Subject: Human_Deceased; Cause of Death...Unknown

Rogue placed the body on the ground and left the room. Even though there was no sign of life, Rogue still pointed its pulse rifle at every door. Rogue came to a room with a terminal in it. Rogue approached the terminal and found some encrypted files. As it hacked, it made the data transferable to its Omni- Tool. The files were named "PROJECT23019~GENESIS".

Accessing PROJECT23019~GENESIS...Denied; Reason...Unknown

Rogue couldn't get the files opened, which meant it would need to find another way to open it. On its way to the ship, Rogue detected another ship; The Valkyrie. The Valkyrie had left by the time Rogue alive, but it was possible they too discovered the files. Rogue was 84% certain of this. Rogue exited the Cerberus ship and got back into its own ship, its much much smaller ship.

Inputting new coordinates...Destination:Omega
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