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Shinobi: The Rising Darkness

((Well, I thought I'd give my own Naruto Rp a shot. I hope you all enjoy it and thanks go out to Phantom Knight for the help he provided.))

One year after the events of the Arashi incident...

It has been a year since the forces of the Arashi have been defeated but the legendary Ten-tails still lives. The group of adventurers that managed to defeat the Arashi and drive the ten-tails away have gone their seperate ways to pursue their own goals.

But a new threat is rising from the shadows. A threat that was thought destroyed during the last Great Shinobi War.

In a far off land this threat has manifested itself. A Samurai village is under heavy attack by unknown foes who seem to have amazing abilities. A desperate battle is now being waged to drive away the attackers.

As this is a continuation of the first Rp feel free to post characters from the first Shiobi rp.

Character sheet.

Rank: (Chunin and over)
Appearance: (A pic or a description works.)
Nature Type:

You may have up to three characters.

Alright, here is my first character, I'll have my second one up later.

Name: Karela
Age: 17
Rank: Chunin
Appearance: Since leaving the Hidden leaf village to visit Akagi's village Karela has taken to wearing a set of black and red Samurai armor over her normal black chunin vest.
Personality: Karela has much of the same personality that she had during the Arashi crisis. She's still a fun loving competative compassionate soul that enjoys helping people out.
Weapons/Equipment: Kunai puch, exploding kunai knives, smoke bombs and various other items.
Nature type: Wind and Earth and she has some small experience with fire type jutsu due to her time among the Arashi
Shadow Clone Jutsu
Earth Barrier jutsu
Exploding Earth coffin
Background: After the Arashi crisis, Karela left the Hidden leaf village to go to Akagi's village to learn more about the traps that his people used to drive the Tailed beasts away. She hoped to find a trap capable of destroying the Ten-tails. She is also struggeling with some new found feelings for Kaneda that developed while she was away from the village.

Name: Dren Hyuga
Age: 18
Rank: Chunin, Very close to becoming a Jonin
Appearance: Dren wears a common Konoha chunin vest and has black hair. He's around 6'2
Personality: Since Dren does volunteer to be a teacher at the academy when the regular teachers are out on missions he has a bit of a stern nature towards those younger then him. When out on missions he is dedicated to completing the mission at whatever the cost.
Weapons/Equipment: Standard Ninja epuipment, Kunai, flash bombs and a few exploding kunai knives.
Nature Type: None. He does however have the Byakugan which gives him the ability to use the gentle fist style which in turn allows him to use some very unique and powerful attacks.
Eight trigrams sixty-four palms technique
Hyuga art: Sixty four defending palms
Eight trigrams heavanly sixty four palms technique(Not yet perfected.)
Background: Dren was born to the Hyuga branch family and for the first few years of his life he was taught that his only purpose was to fight for the main family, this made him somewhat bitter but in time he managed to get over it and accept his fate.

However, after the Hyuga family was reformed and the two Hyuga families were united into one family his caged bird seal was removed and due to his abilities he was allowed to train with some of the most powerful shinobi of the hyuga clan.

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