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Entertainment Center

As Yet Untitled: Prologue

NonSW-Semi-autobiographical: A young woman sets out to a chess championship.

The piece is well done, kid. The description of the bus station is good, as I have seen stations like it.


Other KOTOR characters

In Disguises No One Knows Ch. 1

Darth Meatbag

Endar Spire in orbit of Taris: The beginning of the story

Except for having Revan awake and busy with something else, this is a generic retelling of the introduction. The piece flows well, and her talking to herself (Just like any tech) is well done. The addition of the droid was curious, but fun.

An Unwelcome Recollection

Originally reviewed 22 Dec 2006. That review is below:

During the interim between KOTOR and TSL: Revan deals with another part of her past.

The work is up to ocelott’s usual standards. The scene in the garden is perfect because Jolee is just himself, but that gives Revan what she needs, a willing ear and someone not too judgmental. All in all an excellent read.

Pick of the Week

The Last Good Thing, Chapter 1

Post KOTOR: An unexpected visitor.

The piece is as good as Grimrabbit gets, and that is plenty good. I agree with the one reviewer who said the Vrook vision detracted from the storyline.

Pick of the Week

What Dreams May Come, Chapter One

Originally reviewed 22 Dec 2006. That review is below:

Set in the interim before KOTOR: Revan’s descent

The writing is excellent, the flow well thought out. The only problem I had with the character of Revan has already been voiced in Family Chapter one. But seeing the character progress does explain a lot.

Reprise Pick of the Week

Five Things That Never Happened to Carth Onasi

KOTOR on the Star Forge: Carth tries one last time

The piece flows very well and is fun to read. The situation; Carth in love with Bastila instead is well done.

Pick of the Week

Bitter Partings Chapter One

Originally reviewed 29 Dec 2006. That review is below:

After Revan went in search of the Traya Academy, Carth receives her last message.

The style is well done, the work could use some polish, but don’t let that stop you from reading it.

Reprise Pick of the Week


Pre TSL: The Exile begins her new life.

I am a purist so one minor thing; As David Weber said in his Mutineer’s Moon, the first thing the first sailors did when they built ships was give different names to the parts of the ship so no one would think they were landsmen. I wrote an article over at Lucas forums entitled Ship nomenclature, or; It's not a door, it's a hatch blast it! at

The piece flows well, a slice of life where the character is just getting used to a new life.

Pick of the Week

Not Cut Out For Love

Post KOTOR: Now eight months pregnant by Carth, Revan wonders how her life could have fallen apart.

The piece has you wanting to scream at Carth, or slap some sens into him. It wasn’t until after he left that Revan had even figured out her condition, something Carth should have figured out.

Paved Paradise

About 20 years post TSL: A member of the Onasi family returns to Telos just in time to be kidnapped.

I kept following this trying to figure out who it was. The voice sounded too young to be Dustil, and we can’t be sure if he is a direct descendant of Carth or merely a blood relative.

Synthetic Soul

During Clone Wars: A team of clones are placed as a forlorn hope to allow normal humans to escape.

The piece is interesting in that like any professional soldier, the clones understand what the term means, if you do not, look it up. But when a group of men are told to hold to the last man, the meaning becomes clear.

KotOR: Two Days Leave
Little Dragon

KOTOR on Dantooine: Revan gets a little unscheduled training and downright fun during some time off

The piece is interesting in that using the description, and looking at Canderous in the game, it is suggested that Revan is actually larger. An interesting twist, but odd.

Pick of the Week

I can't do this anymore
Lady Revan

Post KOTOR: After admitting his love, Revan must go into the unknown

The piece bounced you like a super ball. Revan bracing Bastila when she threatened to collapse, confessing his love, then running away as she lie abed.

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