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Cool Guy Making a new clan.....need helpers

i am making a new clan...... unfortunly i dont have a server
i want a lugor server, but /\/\/\/\/\ unfortunly <<<<<---- DUH i dont have the money
i need about 30 people to help start the server.....those who help will be HIGH admins (in lugor low is better so if u a lugor geek than a LOW level LOL)
but anyways i will do the modding and mapping
any who want to be a admin/join (when u join u become a admin but HIGH rank (high = not as good)
u will start out as a *UM (un-powerd mortal) then u must pass 3 trials
then u will become a *M (Mortal) witch means u will how a few powers (such as /anims /drinkme (makes u smaller) /eatme (bigger) and MAYBE /scale (lets u make ur self any size u want....and others
i might change the mortal powers.....they seem to powerfull (LOL) u must w8 3 weeks between Mortal and *SC (The next rank)
*UM means trials (duh) it must be 1 day between each trial once u win a trial u get a new * like u beet 1 trial u get *UM* so on so on
u will get punishing powers about 3 ranks out (like the first will be freeze)
then like a jail power and a kick then a PERM ban

there will be ranks u do not have to w8 for (like groups) each group has a job
like spirits (*SP) will do trials and decide who joines
but as a nature u r a modder (ingame (as in u can place objects and such))
u can be in a group once u get about *SC i will (like for me say fetz*SC*NA
for fetz rank *SC in natures group (modders)
hope u like the idea,

P.S. IM NOT GOING to go through all the ranks....ther is way more
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