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I'll add Kaneda later on during the story. In the mean time, I'll put in the character sheet for a new one

Name: Ryuu
Age: 39
Rank Missing-Sam(urai), Kenjustu Master
Appearance: Tall stance. Long and Crisp Black hair. Grey Eyes. Wears a Black Haori with red lining, with a matching band around his forehead. Also wears black-leather gauntlets.
Personality: Strong Willed, Silent
Weapons: Two Katanas, each of a unique design
Nature Type: Fire
- Shadow Clone Jutsu
- Dance of the Crescent Moon
- Sword Barrage
- Fire Release: Dragon Katana (this technique allows Ryuu to flow Fire Chakra through the blade of his Katanas)
- Fire Release: Dragon Rush (Ryuu encases his body with a protective/offensive layer of fire chakra, and increases his speed in a short amount of time)
- Fire Release: Dragon Blitz (a Combination of Dragon Katana and Blitz, Ryuu deals a devastating combo of enflaming sword attacks)
- Dance of the Dragon Kin (a modified version of the Crescent Moon Dance, Ryuu creates Shadow Clones that encircle the enemy, and perform the Dragon Blitz Technique from each copy, to deal even more damage to the opponent.)
- Hidden Smoke Technique (similar to the Hidden Mist Technique, the user blows out a stream of smoke that forms a cloud around the opponent.)
Background: Ryuu disbanded himself from the ways of the Samurai, voluntarily - at a pre-adult age, he left his village to pursue something else because he wasnt truly happy. Eventually he was discovered by the Mentors and Teachers of the Kenjustu Academy located within the Land of Forests.
Ten or more years passed along, and Ryuu during then learned many Advanced Sword Techniques; as well as discovering his nature type being fire. He eventually graduated, and earned the rank as a Kenjustu Master for the Academy. He has had many apprentices, one of them being Kaneda Yamagato. Ryuu is incredibly strong willed, and only speaks when spoken to or necasary.

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