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Tom chuckled in return to Chiron's remark. The ship suddenly rumbled - an unsuprising moment. The arms of the dockingbay latched onto the Valkyrie, and extended a passage way tunnel connecting to the ship and the dock. They finally arrived.

"Alright, lets get to it. Hopefully it wont be like last shore leave, and Selia wont have to toss her boot into my face again..."

__________________________________________________ _______________________________________________

Omega was the same as it has always been - homeless/sick people sitting up against the walls of the surrounding environment. Synthesized music could be heard in the background of the markets, which was a platform deck surrounding one of the downward towers of the station - in which a vast view of Omega could be seen. The Afterlife club could be seen from just a few kilometers away.

A few levels up the tower was the cantina called Underworld. A few more levels up, was the office where the Information Broker resided - where Tuhrop's appointment was being held at.

Everybody exited the elevator, which lead to the markets. Tuhrop faced everybody.

"Alright, I have to go see the Broker. All of you know what has to be done; get rid of the crap we found. If anybody comes to us for a Transportation Job Offer, page me and I'll get back to you after the meeting."
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