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Not what I'm seeing...flipping the doors on Peragus seems to make them look worse. I'll check it again, though...

EDIT: Nope. I would definitely not flip the Peragian doors.

Edit: Confirming that the Harbinger textures do NOT require flipping.

Edit2: It would appear that Telos is mixed: some textures, especially doors, are meant to be flipped, while some are not. So far, I have found that all textures in Telos DO require flipping, EXCEPT for the following:


Do not flip those files. I have just arrived on Citadel Station, though, so there may be other textures that are amiss in my current configuration. That, and, I confess that I have no way to know which texture other than doors might need flipping and what might not. It's difficult to say. I still recommend that Xarwarz look through these at some point if he's not already, and bring us a more comprehensive list, because, as it stands, the issue is not pack-to-pack; it's file-to-file.

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