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Originally Posted by sinus View Post
how about publishing it via or something?
LucasLegal will basically rip him apart There NO CHANCE to publish this thing without getting into serious legal trouble.

Also, there's no reason, as you can get it printed yourself at a book on demand service like

Originally Posted by whipwarrior View Post
Laserschwert, I'm surprised by YOUR tenacity! I don't have that kind of willpower; I would have caved-in a long time ago! At this point, I'm in the middle of chapter 16, which I expect to have finished by mid-December, and I am optimistically estimating to have the novel completed by spring. There are 20 chapters total, plus a brief 2-page epilogue which I wrote back in July 2009 (quite literally, a perfect finale, guaranteed leave a smile on every reader's face). I've also commissioned an alternate cover painting from Krede, so fans who wish to print out a copy of the book at home will have two covers to choose from. And now, back to Crete!
Wow, spring sounds even faster then I expected... I can easily do that

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