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The PDF format version of the novel is being made for those who wish to print out a copy of the book at home, since there is no chance of the story being published for real. Yes, I have thought about using one of those print-on-demand services for a small run of professional-looking perfect bound books, but I would likely run into the legal snag because Indiana Jones is a copyrighted character. So, it's better to avoid that road altogether.

Regarding my completion timeframe, I'm projecting April or May, depending on how smoothly (or not) the writing process goes. Since I often work ahead of myself, I've already written a LOT of material for the last five chapters (some really top-calibre stuff, too!). The challenge for me is to arrange the sequence of events in Atlantis while minimizing all of the redundant action from the game. I need Indy and Sophia to navigate the city in an organic way, arrive at the major locations with all of the items necessary to solve the problem, and get to the center of Atlantis before Kerner's team.

Once chapter 16 is out of the way, we take the U-boat down to the airlock, and then the race to discover the secret history of Atlantis begins!

Sophia Hapgood does my bidding.
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