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Originally Posted by Darth_Sasuna View Post
why is it a mmo this time not a regular rpg like kotor 1 and 2 why did they go with that? becuase with an mmo you have to pay monthly fees not everyone can do that.
A subscription MMO is great...and I hope this one kicks WoWs butt. I've been a fan of SWG and played for many years.
You can pay for a FULL year or a month or two. And the kiddies can ask their moms to buy a monthly subscription card at the store for them

MMO is different in that you also interact with other players. As well, there is newly added content/upgrades. The game is constantly always under development.....
Sometimes, there is even dynamic game play, meaning game staff play a live character at selected/specific times. MMO's grow and MMO's typically last a good number of years.....unlike a gm where you can finish in several days.
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