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Current Game: HALO
-new weapons (top! any new weapon ideas?)
-new better skins (assault commandos, medics, 212th legion troopers...ect.)
-story with death of the new heroes
-new meshes (some of em done, don't know howmany left ---> ???% done!)

-intromap (kamino - deltatraining)
-new GEO_01briefing (other gunship seatplace, gunship crashes!)
-new GEO_01a (Clear landing zone, wait for pickup)
-new GEO_01b (republic assault on seperatist fortress)
-new GEO_01c (underground level in fortress/mining facility ---> 79% done!)
-new RAS_02a (missionbriefing in dropship over shipyard)
-new RAS_02b (drop over shipyard ---> 70% done!)
-new RAS_02c (infiltration of the shipyard ---> 50& done!)
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