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((Gonna do a little timeskip, if that's okay.))

"I suppose..." Isaac said trailing off as he looked out the window before him "But there will be lessons where words can not suffice. Only experience will do."

Lyna smiled. "True that." And with that, Lyna started up the engines, with the Justice lifting up from the docking platform. When the ship was finally in the air, the Justice flew off into space. "We'll be at Zeltros in no time," Lyna annouced, activating the hyperdrive. The Justice entered hyperspace in one flash.

(Moments later)

That night, four smugglers working for Rav were unloading some shipments in Zeltros' docking bay. "Gotta be on the lookout for... Midnight, the boss called her," one Bith said.

"How do we know she won't beat us to death?" a male Human asked.

One Nautolan laughed. "Afraid to get beat up by a girl, lad?"

"Aww, quit yer whinin'!" a Shistavanen whispered, "As soon as the girl gets here to "steal" the shipments, Reaper will show up. Just chill. We'll be fine." The smugglers continued to unload the shipments on another Cargolift vessel.
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