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Knights of the Old Republic : The Jedi Masters 2.0

Well, it's about a year and a half since TJM was released, so I think it's about time to show everyone who keeps emailing me where I'm up to with it's revamp. It's hard to show where I'm up to in many ways since the expansions and improvements are more technical rather than visual, but here's a handful of screen shots to get started with.

Improvements include :

- Fully voiced dialogue for everyone
- An expanded main storyline. The third quarter sends you off on quests to gather the Jedi Masters rather then Revan just calling out to them.
- More subquests for every planet
- Two new planets to explore. One is completed apart from finalising the subquests (a war torn world involving Iridonian mercenaries fighting off droid armies). The other I'm hoping to be Kashyyyk, which I am currently constructing, and which brings me onto my next item...
- ...All new areas. The 2.0 edition will include areas entirely made by me (large credit to Quanon's tutorial). The top screenshot from above is from an area which replaces the final boss fight at the end of the story. I'll add pictures of the other ones once I'm happy with them enough to show them off.
- Re re-textured areas of the ones I wasn't happy with.
- Journal entries
- New maps
- All new and improved cutscenes. I've gone out of way to learn some proper animating, and as a result the full motion videos look much better. There'll be battles, explosions and everything.

There's also loads of little things such as quests being more set and controled via booleons rather than items or similar. If you don't know what I'm talking about with that, it basically means there will be less bugs and glitches.

At this point I'm looking for volunteers who want to help out with two smallish jobs :

- New PCs

I am looking for people to create some new Player characters for the mod. This is just the heads and I need both male and female. Feel free to volunteer for this if you are enthusiastic but inexperienced, as I wrote the tutorial on the subject and can help you out if you get stuck.

- New underwear skins

Just like it sounds. I would like someone (or some people) prepared to create new skins for when the characters aren't wearing anything else. Again, both for males and females.

If you're interested in doing either, just reply in the thread or PM me. Also, if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask them.

In the meantime I'll be working on Kashyyyk and probably a new poster since I just noticed HK's leg is half missing...

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