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The crew of the Valkrie was an easy one to spot. After spending such a long period of time on Omega...anyone could tell that the clean militaristic look of the crew marked them as outsiders.

Frank watched from a distance, using his rifle's detached scope to watch them from a taxi that had happened to be abandoned on Omega's lower levels. It ends up that he didn't have to walk far from the Afterlife club.

Suddenly, the group entered an elevator, and Frank changed position, stowing his heavy equipment and opting for a light pistol along with field gear that could fit an inconspicous jacket. He moved quickly, not before checking how many floors the elevator had gone up, and went into a nearby maintenance shaft. He would have to follow the crew through unconventional manners.

After a period of climbing, he entered the maintenance shaft that led to a particular Nightclub...Afterlife's 'doppelganger,' Underworld. It was just a matter of waiting, now that he watched the bustling crowd from the maintenance shaft.

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