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Reaper was watching from the shadows within the docking bay of the city, where Rav's men were loading smuggled cargo into the vessel. Using the binocular mode of his helmet, he watched and studied the cargo.

Definatly the proper size to fit smuggled weapons. After dealing with Midnight, he thought he would check the thug holding the datapad to ensure it was within the best interests of the Fel Empire, and nobody else. Rav wasnt one to be trusted.

But he was more interested in the profile of Midnight, and her resemblance to Lyna. A lost relative? A lookalike? or even an imposter. Or it could be all part of Rav's ellaborate scheme to claim the bounty on Reaper's head. There were all sorts of possibilities, which caused him to have second thoughts of going through with this.

Reaper continued to watch from the shadows. There were a number of ways Midnight could infiltrate the docks.
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