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So that's how. Surprisingly simple.

But then, I sort of like harIII's idea. It doesn't seem all that farfetched that one could put that sort of thing right after the character creation screen. Would be an interesting experiment.

Still, I guess the fact remains that making a Total Conversion such as this would still modify a lot of the files that TSLRCM would work with, unless it was comprised ENTIRELY of new modules and maybe even .2da's. But then, that doesn't sound impossible either...just time-consuming. In the case of the .2da's and dialog.tlk, wouldn't it just be a matter of taking the TSLRCM-modified ones and editing them for compatibility?

Sorry, I'm no modder, and I don't mean to demand anything. I'm just looking for clarification.

The only other question that I have is: are Total Conversion mods such as this compatible with other mods, such as rebalances and reskins?
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