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Not sure if you need a patch for Win7. My experience has been that I've known players that have had no issues and some that can't even run the game(s) (discussed HERE). If there are any issues with SWBF1 you can check with =TPR= linked in that thread. They've been around since the old SWBF1 days and are still kickin' on the game.

I would say the same thing for SWBF2. Although... I know many more ppl that run SWBF2 just fine on Win7 64 bit with no issues (including myself and I'm on a quad core). More often than not, I find the ones that do have issues are running a dual core... and it's usually an AMD.

The problem with PC and old games is that there are so many configurations and setup variations, you really won't know until you install and see. Wish I could be more help. You can check out the SWBF2 TweakGuide . The guide is good for SWBF1 and SWBF2.

GL !

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