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Originally Posted by CygnusAeternus View Post
Apparently it doesn't work for everyone, and therefore it's not definitive. No disrespect intended...but I'm just waiting for you to update that list to actually be definitive.
While the new Intel and ATI drivers are a huge problem, it's come to my attention that several people can't get the games to run because of a persistent failure to follow simple instructions, thinking that they can get away with trying the fixes piecemeal and out of order instead of doing a complete reinstall while closely following the directions. Quite a few more are trying to use a crack and have neglected to tell me about it because they've pirated the game. For some reason, cracks refuse to work with an Intel mobile chipset while working fine on a desktop.

Personally, I've never had a problem getting both games to run on any of my machines, including my laptop with an Intel X3100 GPU. Of course, the drivers for my laptop are the older ones which allow changing the flipping policy. I've always used Nvidia GPUs in my desktops, because ATI's support for older games like KotOR is virtually nonexistent. I update my list whenever I get new information, but none has been forthcoming as of late.
Originally Posted by CygnusAeternus
For what it's worth, I had this working with an intel chipset before...maybe a year and a half ago. That's a definite. It was the same machine as I'm using now, and I don't remember how I did it.

There IS a solution.
Wow. Shouldn't this be an indicator that you're doing something wrong? Why don't you try to figure out just what that is instead of bitching about the inadequacy of my instructions? What changes have you made in the meantime? Did you upgrade the OS? Update the drivers? Are you trying to use a crack?

It's pretty obvious to me that the solution you're looking for is on YOUR end; not mine.

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