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Whoa there, no need for lashing out. I've given you no indication that I was being in any way disrespectful for you to react in such a way. Rather, I was being very careful to express my opinion in a constructive, civil manner.

And yes, as I said, every time I try, I follow your instructions to the letter. This last time, as I believe I said, was after a clean factory image reformat, before any modifications were made.

And no, it's not a pirated version, but yes, I have tried using a crack just to rule that out, however only AFTER doing as you said. If that doesn't work, I uninstall completely to be sure that it didn't cause any further problems than what's already there.

To say it's obvious that the problem is specific with me (and I'm taking this liberty only because you did), seems like a cop out.

I'm trying to be helpful, and I know you are as well, but making assumptions like that isn't very constructive.

I'll stop posting in this thread because it's no longer necessary, as I've moved my say to the more suitable one.
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