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Though John was technically just a hired-gun, he was on friendly enough terms with the captain that the turian allowed him to be in charge of selling all the valuable junk the crew salvaged. Of course, John was also a proven merchant as well. The sight of a fully armored, fully armed quarian selling junk must have been funny, because John certainly received looks that said that when he'd finished setting up the junk in front of the ship.

“Get the best parts at the best prices around!” John began to bellow over the massive crowd ahead of him. A few heads turned at the sound and a some even perked interest, though given the amount of scavengers shouting the same thing, they quickly lost interest.

Despite the crowd, John could tell that this was going to be a slow day today. It would only pick up when the merchants themselves came around looking for parts they could buy and resell for a higher price. The ships brought in the goods and merchants sold it, though only after John had haggled for a good price.

“Get the best parts at the best prices around!” John bellowed despite remembering how he'd lost his voice by the end of the day last time the ship was on Omega.

“By the goddess, can you keep it down?! I can hear you from inside the ship! I think everybody in every ship around can hear you!” Selia shouted as she approached John from the ship. John turned around, and Selia could just tell that he was smiling under his helmet.

“If you shout something loudly enough, someone might just hear you.”

“And if you beat them over the head with it, they'll avoid you.”

“Not if you can get them quality parts at a quality price.”

Selia just rolled her eyes and sighed, taking a look at a datapad she had in-hand.

“I'm going to go into the markets and get a few parts we need. Get us some extra credits besides just paying the bills, and maybe we can save something for ourselves.” Selia hinted, a slight smile creasing her lips.

“Only if the captain approves.” John quickly replied, neither harsh not critical, but resolute.

A look of disapproval appeared on her face and she said “Screw the captain. We wouldn't get half of what we do now if someone like Chiron was left in charge of selling this stuff. He'd probably eat the customers if they got into an argument.”

“Only if the captain approves,” John replied again, a more stern tone. The thought of Chiron eating someone was funny, but he wanted to be clear. “And that is final.”

Selia's look of disapproval turned into a glare and she stalked off past him into the crowd, and John was alone with the junk.

“Get the best parts at the best prices around!”
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