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Chiron nodded his head as a response to the captain, and immediately headed to the markets. He needed some medical supplies, especially some med-gel. He had his claymore on his back for protection. As odd as it was for his race, he didn't want to have to resort to violence, but even on brute strength wasn't enough to survive on Omega.

The mighty krogan walked from store to store, making sure not to get distracted by the merchants who called out to people as they walked by. Finally he found the store he was looking for. A salarian was behind the counter. He looked up at Chiron and gasped for a moment. the sight of a krogan usually meant trouble.

Chiron approached the salarian with a datapad in hand.

"Excuse me, but would you happen to have any of these?" Chiron asked politely as he handed the salarian the datapad.

The salarian seemed shocked at Chiron's politeness. He had never heard a krogan speak in such a way before. This made Chiron smile, as it always did.

The salarian nodded his head. "Yeah, just a second."

"Take your time, I'm in no hurry."

The salarian returned with the supplies the krogan had requested. Chiron happily payed the price he was given and left the store. Now that he had gotten his shopping done, he could put the supplies away and help the others out.

He had just left the store when he noticed an asari with black skin. He knew of only one asari with that complexion, and she was one hell of an engineer. He walked over to her with a smile on his face.

"Selia, are you looking to do some shopping...or are you getting into trouble?"


A few hours ago, the Valkyrie left a derelict Cerberus ship after recovering some important files. thirty minutes after that, Rogue too had left the same ship after recovering the same files. Its destination was for Omega, which was now in plain sight.

Rogue would have to land on Omega a bit differently than most. As Rogue was a geth and geth were still viewed as hostile, Rogue couldn't land on Omega as a geth. Fortunately, Rogue was much smarter than an average geth. Rogue had some recordings of other species, it could use instead of its own voice.

Rogue was able to trick control into believing it was a C-Sec officer. Rogue was given permission to land and promptly did so. Rogue placed its pulse rifle on its back and turned on its tactical cloak. It stepped out of the ship and began to sneak its way around Omega.
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