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((Don't know if my character's approved, but I think I'll just assume yes, until told no.))

'Krrroommmm' went the loud rumble as Kallic was shaken from his extensive studies into things unknown, well, mostly unknown, he knew after all. Ok, so he was just looking into personal improvements for the crew, luxuries, if you will, to make life a little easier for everybody aboard, one 'body' at a time. So far he had several issues on mind, and a few 'prototype' solutions, though, it was a one person at a time project, so at the moment his focus was on improving things for the most hazarded individual aboard.....Who shall remain unmentioned for the moment.

Kallic fiddled with a datapad, filling in some needed components and ingredients he required for personal use, simultaneously working on transferring his latest notes into his Omni-Tool (which he doesn't always use for his projects, thus the need for a data upload/transfer, obviously).

He got up, datapad in hand, and while still reading through it's contents, proceeded to go down the hatch out of his little study above the main engineering room. He instinctively began following the nearest being within the periphery of his vision as they themselves exited the ship.

The tone and all around atmosphere changed around the salarian, and was just as easily lost on him as he proceeded to be, and remain, distracted, following his fellow crew member. Vendors shouted out to the crowds, while the white noise that was the filthy hum of destitute life on Omega droned around Kallic, only the sudden shout of a familiar voice coming from the mysterious crew member who he'd been unsuspectingly stalking by accident and instinct, brought him out of his reverie.

“By the goddess, can you keep it down?! I can hear you from inside the ship! I think everybody in every ship around can hear you!” Were the words that broke his concentration.

“If you shout something loudly enough, someone might just hear you.”

“And if you beat them over the head with it, they'll avoid you.”

“Not if you can get them quality parts at a quality price.”

Kallic finally looked up, scoping out the only two he knew that such a string of conversation could belong to; Selia, the one whom he'd unwittingly followed, and most likely she didn't know either, and the only thing that bridled her from flat-out mistakes on even the simplest things, John.....The Quarian. Yeah, even he found it a bit weird calling a Quarian....John, but it was a minor issue he'd gotten over the moment he met the bulky fellow.

“I'm going to go into the markets and get a few parts we need. Get us some extra credits besides just paying the bills, and maybe we can save something for ourselves.” Selia schemed, Kallic just rolled his own eyes behind her.

“Only if the captain approves.” Came John's fast reply.

“Screw the captain. We wouldn't get half of what we do now if someone like Chiron was left in charge of selling this stuff. He'd probably eat the customers if they got into an argument.” Kallic just shook his head and looked down at his datapad, the whole point on her common mistakes issue proven in those few words.

“Only if the captain approves,” John replied again, Kallic smirking as he continued with his datapad.

'True enough, Chiron too nice - well, for a Krogan - to eat people; especially without Captain's approval.' The salarian thought to himself.

“And that is final.” Kallic just nodded autonomously as if the words were for him, though in reality he was beginning to get consumed in his pondering again, and was just barely paying attention once more.

“Get the best parts at the best prices around!” Came the bellow as he stood there, yet again knocked out of his thoughts into the real world. He approached the Quarian and smiled, shaking his head.

"Older, she is, than two of me, and two of you combined into one, yet more...Mmmm, not really naive - lacking in wisdom and forethought, than one of us alone. Sad she's not more mature and responsible, such as yourself, John." Yet again the Salarian shook his head. "What a gift it would be to live as long as her kind, she squanders it on her own anxiety and impatience. Doesn't know how blessed she is I guess; especially having someone like you around John, she lacks appreciation."

Kallic just looked up at the armored figure and smiled. One good thing about John was, you didn't know of his approval on matters until he voiced them, that was good in that if he didn't approve, you could walk away before he did speak up. Bad thing about Kallic was, he was too nice to do that, and he liked John too much to be that way.

"Good to see you though John, if Captain asks, I'm in the markets." He nodded with a smile and began to walk away slowly, turning back to say, "Will try keeping eyes on girlfriend, or, whatever she is to you. No promises, she makes trouble can't say I can do anything; trouble finds her - between me and you we'll say she has a guardian angel," (with a sniper rifle): he said patting the weapon on his back briefly before turning and heading to the markets in the Asari's wake.

((Yeah, yeah, Chiron's at the markets with her too, but Kallic doesn't know that so I can still make smart remarks on guardian angels with sniper rifles.))

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