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need help on image compression

I need informations about the image compression in old LA games like MI2, FOA.
Could someone please describe the SMAP block format?

offset type
0 dword ("SMAP")
4 dword (size of block)

What is the rest? What are stripe offsets? Where do I find them?
I think, if the room has a size of 320x200 pixel, there are 320 / 8 = 40 single stripes I have to process, is this correct?
The informations given in (link) ain't completely clear for me, as they cover all formats, the old (BM/PA) and the new ones (RMIM/CLUT). I tried to use the given informations on an image, but this didn't make sense.
Could someone please give me an example ?
Like "how to decode the background-image of room 1 (Indy's office) in FOA"?

best regards

Btw: I know how to handle the palette (CLUT).

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