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((oh yeah, MA. Your free to join, and your character is accepted. Welcome Aboard ))

Tuhrop entered the office of the Information Broker. Two armed guards were at both sides of the door - a necassary precaution. The Broker sat behind his well furnished desk. He was a Volus named Fargel, a dwarf-sized sentient sealed within his enviro-suit.

"Ah, <tsssk> you must be my 20:09. <Tsssk> Please, have a seat."

Tuhrop did as he asked. He pulled out a datapad with the encripted Cerberus data for the broker to look at. "This was found on a derelict Cerberus Vessel we encountered near the Omega 4 Relay. He have not properly anaylised it, nor do we exactly have any need for it. We're just run a Transportation Business, as well as the occasional bounty hunting."

"Funny enough how a crew of mere freelancers <tsssk> encounter something as unique as this." Farger was already looking at it, and analysing it with his own software.

"What do you mean?" Tuhrop pressed on.

"This encription is nothing I have ever seen before. <Tssssk> It has so many Barriers, it could even take an AI years to break through. <Tsssk> I'm not suprised, with its ties to an organisation like Cerberus, there is no doubt this falls under the Category of Class A."

Turhop blinked. The Volus stared at the Turian Captain and leaned forward. "<Tsssk> Do you realise how dangerous it is to be carrying around this information?"
__________________________________________________ _________________

“Get the best parts at the best prices around!” John continued announcing to the Omega Bystanders. Soon Ulrich exited the ship and stood next to the Quarian the the stand of junk found.

"An easier way would be to ditch this crap over the railing, and let it fall into black space." he said under his breath.

He looked back at the stock of what was left. He could see John was good at this - the amount of stuff they originally found had been significantly reduced. "You know, I think we may as well stop there. We havent got much left, and I doubt anyone would come by and buy out the rest."

"I heard theres a Chess Tournament held at the Underworld Cantina. Wanna' check it out?"

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