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^Unfortunately, most people don't. You're aware that you have to use ALL of the fixes applicable to your particular hardware in concert with each other and in the proper order, from the beginning of installation onward for it to work, right? You can't just try the fixes piecemeal, one at a time and then discard them when they don't work, like you did with the Dantooine lag fix.

That's funny. I've never had to run swconfig in compatibility mode for it to recognize my OS as XP SP2. I'm running it from the launcher, though.

OK, you're not the only one who's having problems running this game on one of the newer Intel GPUs (x4500 and up). This problem is widespread, and I'm not aware of any fixes for it.

I just discovered that it may be that the newer Intel drivers are somehow triggering Data Execution Prevention (DEP). You could try turning it off, but you really need to know what you're doing in order to do that successfully.

If that doesn't work, the easiest and best solution is to get an Nvidia video card as cheaply as possible. Nvidia cards are almost guaranteed to run this game without issue and you can get by on one that isn't very powerful. Are you in the states? If so, I recommend a GT 240, as long as it's a GDDR5 model. The initial investment is a bit steep, but after you get the rebate this card is easily the best bang for the buck, and it won't require a power supply upgrade. It can even play modern games at reduced settings. It's performance level is right below that of a 9800GT, which is several times more powerful than that Intel GPU (what isn't?) and you won't find anything better for $35.00.

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