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Quirinius found it incredibly hard to keep up with her opponent's sheer speed at moving his chess pieces around the board. Forget about strategy, the young asari thought. This frog-face knows what he's doing, and not only that, he does it at five times the pace I do! I don't know how to...

Oh, no. No. No...

She immediately recognized the weakness in her own position, of which her salarian antagonist immediately took advantage. I've lost already--?!

"Checkmate," said the salarian, his black eyes gleaming. "You forfeit the game, and also your very existence! I'm afraid I have enough slaves already, as I'm a member of Eclipse and possess the lackeys I need to perform all dirty yet necessary job functions. I daresay you play well, but not well enough."

The asari shivered as the salarian pulled out a Magnifex X-9 pistol from a holster on his belt. "Do you want to pray to your goddess before you die?"
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