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Moments later, they arrived near Zeltros' docking bay. Hiding her ship in the shadows, Lyna turned to Isaac and smiled. "Here's how it's gonna go down. I'm gonna sneak in the docking bay where Rav's men are "loading" the shipments on a Cargolift vessel. Then, I'm gonna attack them in "surprise". Hopefully, Cade will be there to try and "stop" me. Get it?" She smiled.

"Anyway, you can assist me, if ya like? Just don't kill Rav's men. Make it look good." And with that, Lyna got up from her seat, exited the Justice, and headed to the docking bay...

"This is the last shipment, boys," the male Shistavanen said, grinning to them. "See? Told ya that Midnight gal wasn't comin'."

"Well think again, hotshot!" a voice yelled. They looked up. It was Lyna aka Midnight, standing on the ship that hung on to the metal rope. "Kark! It's Midnight! Quick, boys, blast her!" The smugglers took out their blasters and shot at Lyna, missing on purpose.

Midnight jumped down from the shipments and used the Force to Force push them into a wall. She then landed on the docking bay, laughing. "My gratitudes to Rav. These baby's will be coming with me instead of Fel's Empire!" She laughed maniacally. "This Cade should be showing up by now," she thought to herself.
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