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Reaper eyed the one called Midnight through his sniper scope. She appeared as exactly within the picture as Rav showed him. She definatly acted like her as well.

He watched as the guards were pushed away against the wall. As soon as they recovered and ran towards her, Reaper aimed and pulled the trigger. Two projectiles were fired; one each went through their foot. As soon as they were disabled, Reaper packed away his EDD Multitask Rifle and placed it on his back. It was time to find out who she really was.

He ran around the walkway surrounding the dock, so that Midnights back was facing him. He leaped from the ledge and landed on the dock, and pulled out his lightsaber. Acknowledging the fact that she was intune with the force, then it was time to conclude her identity once and for all.

"If you are who I think you are; then defend yourself, Doppelganger!" he spoke through his helmet. He activated his Lightsaber, and ran towards her.
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