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"Tell your men that we need to get the villagers out of here. There are too many of them and too few of us."

Akagi Shurijima walked quickly down the steps of his castle, named Senshi. He wielded a long naginata, a spear with a blade like tip at the top and a sharp point at the bottom.

"Agreed, Karela-san, I will send my men to gather the civilians and bring them across the the river to the eastern part of Mototada will assist them."

He gazed out at his burning village, a silent anger pulsing in his head. He had returned to his homeland to lead them to greatness...not to doom them to an unknown foe.

"My retainers and I will launch an attack at the town square. Use it to your advantage and get everyone out. We'll be close behind."

One of his samurai, Shimada, brought out Akagi's warhorse, Hidetada, which he quickly mounted. Several other mounted samurai joined Akagi, all armed with naginata and heavily armored.

"We move'll have but a few minutes, Karela."

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