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Frank watched in amazement as the chess match taking place below him in Underworld unfolded. The strategic brutality of the Salarian was a bit much, so to see the alien humbled gave the Spec Ops commando a feeling of satisfaction.

But now was the time to show his hand...he needed to make contact with the "Valkrie's" crew and gain access to their information.

He fumbled around the maintenance shafts awhile longer, finally plopping down behind a nearby bar. He stowed any visible equipment and zipped up his jacket, then moved into the crowd. Disappearing almost immediately, he began to observe the Asari and the "Valkrie" crew, a Turian in particular.

Frank hated Turians. Seeing them in the war had not improved his opinion of them..they were still devious and were completely anti-human. All arrogant fools in Frank's opinion.

He took a position 4 paces off of the Turian's tail.

you very much
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