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Originally Posted by Onmi View Post
I gotta say I was fine with the mod up until the end, the final
battles weren't fun they were just annoying.

Fighting a high powered boss is fine, fighting him alone is okay, fighting him alone when your combat focused and thus lacking on healing supplies I can deal with,
but pile on all of that, his insane force resistance, and his tenancy to come back 5 times in a row, not to mention after all that he's STILL NOT DEAD
now that's just trying my patience.

Now despite these complaints I still LIKE the mod, and consider it a great testament to modding capabilities. It's just near the end... eeeeehhhhhh it dragged on, tried my patience and wasn't so much challenging as cheap.

still thumbs up
I always considered s9's storytelling to be a bridge between the two games, and so
Solomon to me is a foreshadowing of Sion, perhaps even is Sion
. Just my hazy opinion...

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