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"Agreed, Karela-san, I will send my men to gather the civilians and bring them across the the river to the eastern part of Mototada will assist them."

Karela nodded once and then turned toward the mass of villagers who were trying to leave the village. As she watched them Karela noticed something strange: The unknown ninja who were attacking the village were focusing mainly on the samurai.

Is it possible that they want to get rid of us first and then go after the villagers? I wonder why...

She turned toward the villagers and ran to the head of the mass of villagers and started instructing them on where to go. She was about to run to the back of the line and guard them when a shadowy figure jumped off the cliff and landed near her.

Hmph. It looks like we have company. she thought as she looked over at the figure who was now performing a series of handsigns and then a series of clones appeared who then went after the forces attacking the village.

Finally! It's about time help was sent out here.

"Hey Akagi!" She shouted out to the samurai before he left. "It looks like someone finally decided to help out!"
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