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John simply listened to Kallic as the salarian expressed input about Selia. The quarian listened respectfully and he nodded in acknowledgment at each of Kallc's points. When the salarian was finished and left, he continued with his job.

There weren't as many merchants this time around willing to buy junk, surprisingly. John did manage to sell quite a bit of what they picked up, but there was still a bit of excess left when Ulrich came out. The human took one look at the junk and looked a bit impressed.

"You know, I think we may as well stop there. We haven't got much left, and I doubt anyone would come by and buy out the rest. I heard there's a Chess Tournament held at the Underworld Cantina. Wanna' check it out?" Ulrich asked.

“As much as I would like to go with you, I need to put away our remaining stock first. I would rather not leave it out here when the entire crew is gone.” John replied, and began to gather the junk for storage.
__________________________________________________ _______________-

Selia was angry. She wasn't angry at John per say. She was just angry at what John could sometimes be: incorruptible. Scratch that, he was incorruptible all of the time. Not a serious risk taker, not a gambler or drinker, a hard worker who did things today rather than tomorrow, and a savvy tongue. Those traits drove Selia to rage at no end at times.

John was also kind and simple, which was something compared to the idiots that tried to impress her before by pretending to have a dark past. The asari had only known John for less than a year, but already she loved the quarian. Granted, he'd proposed to her a month or two before and she'd rejected, but that was only because she wasn't ready yet. Selia wasn't even sure she wanted to be with someone whose lifespan was already half over, when she was barely into the first quarter of her own.

These thoughts seeped into Selia's mind as she made her way through the crowd, and she would've passed Chiron had the krogan not called out to her.

"Selia, are you looking to do some shopping...or are you getting into trouble?" the krogan asked with what seemed like a friendly tone and Selia threw on her confident smirk.

“Maybe I'll be doing a bit of both if these guys try to rip me off like the last time,” She replied holding up her datapad. “Wanna help me shop? I'm sure a big bad krogan as yourself has plenty of things to do on Omega, but the company might be nice.”
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