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Is there a simple way to have gibbing by means of heavy weapons in single player?

I must say that one of my favorite parts of the OJP Multiplayer patch was the spontaneous loss of body parts once they were hit by an explosive. Unfortunately every time I turn on the Single Player game (yes I have a bunch of cool graphic enhancements that actually make the SP a cool and entertaining mode) I feel like it's missing something whenever I explode an enemy; (or myself if I am testing out stuff) the explosions almost seem bland without dismemberment.

Therefore I ask this: Is there a simple way to put explosive and heavy weapon gibbing in Single Player as well as Multiplayer?

--I know OJP is script heavy and I am not gifted with the reading or implementation of advanced script. I saw the cvars and such, so maybe I have to go into the main menu script for mulitplayer and copy the part about dismemberment and also find some sort of weapon interaction code. That is the extent of what I know/assume--
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