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“As much as I would like to go with you, I need to put away our remaining stock first. I would rather not leave it out here when the entire crew is gone.”

"Alright, well let me help you out a bit first..." and so Ulrich began helping John carry the rest of the stuff back inside the ship. There wasnt that much left, and there was only a few boxes remaining. As soon as he finished putting his share of the cargo back inside, Ulrich dusted himself off.

"Alright, I'm going to the Underworld Cantina. I'll see you there..." Ulrich brought his trusty M-5 Phalanx before departing. Omega was a place where you had to be on your guard. He took the elevator up from the Markets to the level where Underworld resided.

As he got inside, he was not entirely sure whether he should be suprised or not about the sight of people fleeing from the lower levels of the cantina, with the sounds of gunfire in the background. His first thoughts were follow everybodies example. But then another thought came to mind: what if one of his crewmen were in there? He had not forgotten the last time they arrived on Omega, and the amount of trouble they wrapped themselves in during shore leave. He pulled out his Heavy Pistol.

"Well, its not like I brought this for no apparent reason..." he thought to himself. He ventured forward to the lower levels, where advertisements of the Chess Tournament indicated...

__________________________________________________ ___________________

"Lucky for you Captain <Tsssssk> there are other, more faster alternatives to decripting this information." the Volus announced proudly. "I have ties with both Aria T'loak... and the Shadow Broker itself."

"I have already explained before." Tuhrop repeated himself. "I'm selling you this information - because I have no need for it."

"I'm afraid I cannot help you in that department. <Tssssk> that is not the way I work atleast. Its not as simple as just simply forking over the creds for something I have no prior knowledge about, unless given under circumstances. <Tsssssk> The fact that your giving me an unencrypted data cache, suposedly found on a Cerberus Vessel, completely undecyphered - does not present its value to me. It could be anything, from a huge conspiracy to a recipe on how to make Calamari Bolognese. <Tssssk> I am not the gambling type."

"I suppose you raise a good point..." Tuhrop resignated.

"<Tsssssk>If you need alternatives to decoding the data-cache faster and efficiently, than I suggest obtaining a cypher. But I'm afraid something like that is a little hard to come by;<Tsssssk> cyphers originate from the people who encrypted the data, so they can view it without going through the hassle of translating it. If this came from Cerberus,<tssssk> I'm afraid you will be facing impossible od---"

The volus made a sudden pause. It took Tuhrop a second to realise that Farger's chest of his suit had been ruptured before him. Blood splattered all over his desk. Amongst the confusion, the two guards went down as well; with heads with massive bullet holes.

Tuhrop leaped up and hid behind the desk. It was clear that a sniper had taken out Farger and his henchmen. And now he was after Tuhrop. But why? Did it have something to do with the data? Tuhrop retrieved the data from Farger's Computer using his Omni-Tool.
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