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Silveredge has advised to use this thread to post bug description, so I shall do just that. but since it's 2 o'clock at night, I will go for the lazy option and just quote the message I sent to his email address:

dear SilverEdge,
the by-default-provided savegame file is corrupt (because of one of the mods you used which added up an entirely new planet) and it keeps on crashing the game from time to time (it does not happen all the time and it usually does if you're outside the actual BoS modules). if needed, I can provide you with an ok savegame file. that's the first issue.
the other issue is that you have not handled string variables for quest descriptions correctly - you can open up any BoS save with the kotor savegame editor, take a look at the quest list and see the error where a quest description should be. (it actually tells you that you forgot to put some brackets somewhere). I will provide you with a screenshot, if needed. the reason I blame this mod for it is that I have started a new game with the BoS installed, all the other mods turned off etc., and have got this error right after receiving the first BoS quest. the error is permanent and is in all BoS quest descriptions.
third issue. Bastila's portrait is just a blank square if you start playing the game with BoS installed and Bastila's in your party. her portrait in the 3x3 teammates square is not blank, however, just the one in the left bottom corner of your team's blank for some reason.
fourth issue. one of the first BoS quests. I do not remember the exact name of it, however. but it's the one you need to gather the keys from three different droids. this one has got two bugs in general:
1) if you have unlocked the storage room previously using your computer skill, you come back to the Orion and you can actually merely unlock the door and find this traitor there, who will ignore you (but the door's open!). the funny part is when he sends you on an errand to free him (why even free a traitor, why not let him die there?). the door's unlocked! so he's just standing there, waiting for you to rescue him. apparently, he's been blinded be his own foolishness
2) when gathering keys, if you walk way too fast, you can find yourself in a situation where you have the third group of shadows "defeated", but you have walked past the second one unnoticed (that could actually happen if you would have been using your camouflage skill as well, I suppose). the door to the second group is being sealed, so you can't possibly reach them, and the game does not let you continue on with the main quest unless you have them defeated, which is quite a pain in the... back, if you're just as minimalistic as I am and you're using two saves (quick and non-quick).

p.s. I'm using BoS patched to v1.1.
by the way, the gathering keys for "unlocking the door to the traitor + the sith artifact" quest is quite weird, I know your reasons for making the player gather one key at a time and then return to the computer, but.. isn't that strange? I mean, it's just a key, you would have been far more efficient by gathering all three of them in one glorious stroke (that is: gather each key, return to the computer). why would you possibly want to return to the computer having just one key and then going for the next one?
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